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Community Legal Service, Katherine NT

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  • Free legal advice and information
  • Assistance with matters that involve negotiation
  • Legal representation for you in court

Referral Services: If we cannot help you, we can refer you to other service providers in communities, Katherine or Darwin, and work with those service providers to help you.

Community Legal Education

Through Community Legal Education KWILS helps to inform women about the legal system and their legal rights. KWILS also aims to educate the community and legal profession in the resolution of legal issues affecting women.

Community Legal Education sessions are conducted in Katherine and in remote Indigenous Communities. Audiences include women’s groups and service providers. Session topics range from domestic violence, family law, victim’s compensation, child protection and mandatory reporting legislation, credit and debt issues.

For more information on the education and training available through KWILS please contact us


Our vision is to enhance access to justice for all women in the Katherine Region.
To provide a safe, accessible, confidential and professional legal service for women in the township of Katherine and the Katherine Region. To work with clients in a manner that is empowering, respectful of them as individuals and their culture and which accords them with dignity.